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MonkeyRobot is an eclectic producer duo made up of Brussels-based beatmakers Eric P and LuiGi (or Eric Paquet and Louis Van De Leest). Their trademark: exploring the boundaries of soulful music between 90 and 120 bpm. A sweaty club, a dusty festival or a Caribbean beach: anything will do (although we could consider granting you a discount for the latter). Either way, as much as both gentlemen enjoy spending quality time in their studio, MonkeyRobot loves to share its music and energy by bringing organic live performances, with lots of keys and MPC drumming.

Needless to say these men are versatile both creatively and technically. And they’ve got ten years of activity as hip-hop producers under the moniker Infinitskills to prove it. Since early 2010 they’ve changed their name and visual identity into MonkeyRobot. And as their shirt states it: MonkeyRobot is not here for peanuts. The MonkeyRobot duo also makes part of the jazzproject 74 MILES AWAY is a collaboration with the talented jazz pianist/composer Pierre Anckaert. They take you on a trip from the era of Bob James, Weather Report and Herbie Hancock to the future beat sound of today. The heavy analogue synth action and deep Moog basslines are omnipresent, keeping the lush Fender Rhodes sound in balance.

The beats, moreover, are from MonkeyRobot’s signature – which is why no seating is provided: the gentlemen make jazz get a move on.
74 MILES AWAY’s first eponymous album was released on Melting Pot Music and featured collaborations with AHU, Miles Bonny & Carina Andersson (4 Hero). A first single from this album Same Dream Again has been released early January on the infamous London-based label Brownswood. This summer Pierre, Eric, Louis & Stefan are hitting the studio again which will result in an album early 2013. But no way they are putting the live concerts on hold. Just too eager to play and please. And a real treat at the bar too, by the way.


• Eric P – Home Project LP (2001)
• Infinitskills – NonstopBeatBuilders EP (2005)
• Eric P – Omar Perry RMX – CD (2005)
• Baloji – Hotel Impala – Virgin (2007) / Production
• Tar One – A la première personne (2007) / Production
• Infinitskills presents – Nine V_A – Citywurl records (2008)
• Los Marolles – V_A – (2008) / Production
• Infinitskills – Polarized EP- (2009)
• The Louie Gee Ensemble – Scrabble 7” – Jazzy Sport (2009)
• DopeSkwad – “Décadence” – Crash Text Recordz (2009)
• J to the C – Nono ( LuiGi remix) – On-Point Records (2010)
• Baloji – Kinshasa Succersale RMX– Crammed Records (2011)
• 74 Miles Away – Selftitled LP – Melting Pot Music (2011)
• Mo & Grazz – Change the world RMX – Featherperm Records (2011)
• 74 Miles Away ft AHU & Miles Bonny – Same dream again (single) – Brownswood (2011)
• 74 miles Away – All school flavour vol. 1 V_A – LDBK (2010)
• MonkeyRobot – Tempo Dreams V_A –Bastard Jazz (2012)
• J to the C – Sweet Rendez-Vous RMX – Citywurl/On-Point Records (2012)
• MonkeyRobot- The Bastard Jazz EP – Bastard Jazz Records(2012)


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